'Lovers' end their music fight

Central Station | 25 Feb 2021

A Sony Music executive says he has entered the TVB building for the first time as the relationship between the broadcaster and the music industry improved under the leadership of actor Eric Tsang Chi-wai.

In an "icebreaking" press conference held by TVB and four record companies - Universal Music Group, Warner Music, Sony Music and EMI Group - Tsang said he hopes TVB can cooperate with the companies to push forward the development of Hong Kong's music industry.

TVB's relationship with the four companies broke down in late 2009 in a dispute over royalties.

And the first important change Tsang made after he became TVB's deputy general manager was to restore the relationship with the big four.

Tsang also told reporters that the dispute between TVB and the record companies was like a "quarrel between lovers" and it was not difficult for them to restore the friendship.

Sony Music executive Andrew Chan Kwok-wai, who attended the press conference with other representatives, said: "This is the first time for me to enter the TVB building."

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