Lion-led city back on track and roaring

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 24 Feb 2021

Depressed about Hong Kong politics? Get on the bus to Central and smell the future.

The globally shrinking fan club for Western liberal democracy moans 24/7 on Twitter's Hong Kong hashtag, but this columnist meets an endless stream of impressive Hong Kong business people who are seriously upbeat about what's ahead.

HSBC this week said it was ditching its entire US operation and moving its top team to Hong Kong.

That's all you need to know.

* * *

Tom Fowdy of the Chollima Report was pleasantly surprised by the highly positive feeling in Hong Kong's business scene. "But all those mainstream media outlets told us Hong Kong was finished as a financial centre because National Security Law!" he pointed out.

* * *

Medical website Complete Care has a page telling you what having a pain on the left side of your body means--illustrated with a picture of someone holding his right side. Doesn't inspire confidence in their anatomical expertise.

* * *

A dispute between a Hong Kong BNO-wielder named Ka Cheung and the UK immigration authorities was much discussed coffee shops yesterday. Cheung's 12-member family flew to London but their behaviour caused Heathrow officials to put the whole lot on a flight back to Hong Kong the following day.

"The funniest part of the story was that they saw themselves as Hong Kong political refugees but clearly hated being held overnight with black and brown people, some of whom may have been real refugees," chuckled reader Joyce Hing.

* * *

The BBC-CIA myth of genocide and mass rape in China is crumbling. From the World Bank to the US State Department to the International Criminal Court, organizations are choosing not to support the extreme claims. (Canada is behind the curve on this one.)

Even the ferociously anti-Chinese group called Xinjiang Victims Database hit out at the BBC. "You cannot write a news story based on three eyewitness accounts, not all of whom are reliable," said coordinator Gene Bunin. "...The BBC should know better."

Top US academic Joshua Landis called the evidence-free allegations "data abuse".

* * *

Top Taiwanese military commentator Jack Chui this week joined the chorus of voices saying that underhand forces powered the unrest in Hong Kong, I heard from reader Chris Yuen.

The former air force officer wrote that protests from Hong Kong to Belarus to Thailand to Myanmar are clearly "products of the same production line". It's obvious to all except the "Western media and politicians dancing behind them," he said.

* * *

Leslie Fong, former editor of the Straits Times, this week urgently warned all Asians that their communities could be the next ones targeted for deceptive international media coverage "as was the case for Hong Kong, when the Anglophone media turned a blind eye to all the fire-bombing, vandalism and vicious attacks against innocent citizens, and glorified the perpetrators as freedom fighters".

* * *

Some anti-China people are nervous about both the vaccines being offered in this city. One is from China, so they automatically mistrust it, while the other is called Comirnaty, which sounds like "communist" or "comintern". In fact, it's just a really bad brand name made up by the BioNTech people.

* * *

I think we should tell diplomats that they should go to the back of the queue for vaccines because they're always going on about how they have immunity, right?

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