Political dispute transplanted to the UK

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 22 Feb 2021

A Hong Kong family running a village restaurant in the English county of Yorkshire went to the police after this city's political polarization reached them.

The normally mild-mannered owner of the Osbaldwick Chinese Restaurant got into a dispute with Hong Kong newcomers at a York supermarket.

Within hours, his restaurant received a flood of harshly negative reviews on the internet from people who had never visited it.

The restaurateur, who did not want his name printed, asked the local Yorkshire community to help - and they did.

Yorkshire families promised to eat his Chinese food even if some of his former countrymen wouldn't.

"So many customers turned up and showed support to my business," he said. "And they rang and they messaged me to show their love. I am so touched."

One of the villagers, Elizabeth Rowley, wrote: "Sorry to read this, upsetting for you. But all us locals know yours is the best."

* * *

Not sure if there's a reason for the pictured street food from Taiwan to have a weaponized name, Heavy Artillery Fried Chicken Cutlet, but our guess is that it's extra spicy. (Spotter: Ozu.)

* * *

Some readers are amused that the people who say they are refusing to use Hong Kong's Covid-tracking app "because of privacy issues" are the same people uploading pictures of their breakfast to the internet.

"Covid is definitely speeding up Darwinian evolution," one reader said.

* * *

In related news, a tech-minded reader was surprised to see people choosing to write down their details at restaurant doors. "Using the official app leaves the details of your movements in your phone, under your control," he said. "Leaving written details leaves them in the hands of complete strangers, who can sell them to anyone they like. Leaving fake details means that you can't be contacted if there is a Covid outbreak, and you deserve whatever bad things happen to you."

* * *

On the same theme, a reader with family members in Thailand said that their government's app, unlike Hong Kong's privacy-focused one, uses Bluetooth and GPS to track people's phones. Worse still, Thai citizens who get Covid without having the app on their phone can be jailed for two years. Now that's oppression.

* * *

Researchers found there were more men than women at private old folks' homes in Hong Kong - but the guys don't last long.

Against expectations, males outnumber females among residents from the ages of 50 to the early 80s, according to a new study by the government's statistics office.

But then the men die suddenly. From 85 and up, researchers found only 6,300 men for almost 12,000 women.

Best advice: be male until 84, then cheat death with a sex change.

* * *

The government is handing out more than HK$20 million to resurrect "ghost towns" in Hong Kong, officials said. Ruins of long-abandoned villages in the northeastern New Territories were inhabited by Hakka people 400 years ago, a full two centuries before the British founded this city.

The good news: the ghost towns won't be redeveloped into high rises.

The bad news: property prices are rising again so you may have to go and live among the ghostly ruins anyway.

* * *

Better say this now. Even after everyone has had the vaccine, there are still lots of people who I think should stay socially distanced with their faces covered up.

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