Police displaying a little touch of humor

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 17 Feb 2021

Police in this part of the world are showing a bit of wit. John Ross shared the pictured notice, appearing on walls in Shanghai. It says: "Fighting is prohibited. If you lose, you will be hospitalized. If you win, you will be jailed."

Another line on the same police poster says: "We're open 24/7, but we're hoping you won't spend the time with us."

Also seen in Shanghai was a police roadside electronic message board reminding motorcyclists that they must always wear helmets. "Otherwise, a former classmate might recognize you as he passes you in his BMW," it warns.

The humor reminded me of October 2019 when Hong Kong police realized that 40 percent of protesters were under 18.

Officers discussed changing the sign that says: "Disperse or we may have to use force" to "Disperse or we'll tell your parents!"

* * *

The signs of secret Western involvement seen in Hong Kong's protests were much in evidence in Myanmar, many readers pointed out yesterday.

Protest signs in English? Check. One-sided Western media coverage? Check. Protester hand signals? Check. Lennon Walls? Check.

There were even mysterious social media posts from Myanmar saying that troops from China's army were secretly involved, just as there were in Hong Kong, said a reader named Ling. "Will America ever get a new scriptwriter?" she asked.

* * *

The US government says it supports democracy, but reader SK Boz found records showing that it handed out cash to no less than 81 organizations opposing Aung San Suu Ki's government. Likely real story: Myanmar's lady leader is cooperating on the Belt and Road project, so it was time for the US State Department to stir up a period of destabilization.

* * *

The Hong Kong lawyers who started a petition calling on the BBC to cover China in a fair, balanced way were delighted to see it acquire large numbers of signatures - and then, yesterday, the whole thing was deleted by its web host, Change.org, with no reason given.

Stop telling the truth! Not allowed!

* * *

In many parts of Hong Kong, furtive people have been setting off illegal fireworks. Perhaps police could discourage them by spreading that recent video in which people in the mainland let off a huge pile of illegal firecrackers - and accidentally burned down their house.

* * *

Sino Land just sold a one-room flat in Ma On Shan for HK$6.41 million. For the sake of comparison, Piteadie Castle in Scotland was on sale yesterday for a third of the price, the equivalent of HK$2.1 million. The really weird thing is that the one-room shoebox in Hong Kong is probably a better investment than three castles in Scotland.

* * *

The Western media, anxious to avoid showing China in a positive light, continues to refuse to print the most important story in the world, which is how to defeat Covid. "End the mainstream media blackout," said Anna Chen.

But academics are more honest. Elsevier just published a research study which shows how Anhui province, which has roughly the same population as the UK, achieved zero covid in just six weeks. "If the UK tabloids spread that story, there'd be riots, and rightly so," said our source.

* * *

From Lost Felicia via Twitter: "My husband bought me jewelry for Valentine's day. He doesn't know it yet, but that was still nice of him."

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