Bon appetit - or whatever

Central Station | 26 Jan 2021

Meanwhile, Jordan lockdown survival stories have been doing the rounds, and no surprise that most concern nourishment or what passes for food like instant noodles.

One Jordan resident allowed out of the lockdown zone on Sunday night said he was heading for a restaurant immediately as the cup noodle-canned food combo he'd been handed inside was not going to satisfy him in the slightest.

Another resident exclaimed: "I don't have to eat instant noodles!"

So what kind of food were the 7,000 residents given during the two-day lockdown?

Government officials served some details yesterday.

Officers gave out 6,500 food packs that included instant noodles, pasta and canned food. They also provided about 15,600 fruit items, 13,000 cup noodles, 9,100 packets of soup, 9,000 cakes, 9,000 packs of soy milk, 8,000 cans of ham or tuna fish, 6,500 packs of bread, 4,000 cans of corn and 2,000 packets of instant noodles.

Make what you will of that lot.

Yau Tsim Mong district councilor Jo Chun-wah said he believes most residents had enough. Quite.

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