They worry about words, we get bombs

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 22 Jan 2021

People behind the distribution of Telegram are being sued in the US because the app allowed users to use threatening and intimidating language, I heard from reader Jose Tan.

Threatening words! Shocking!

This of course is the exact same Telegram app that was used in Hong Kong in 2019 by people who used it for recipes for deadly chlorine bombs.

But we in Hong Kong, criticized from all directions, just had to suck it up and carry on.

* * *

There was weary laughter in Hong Kong's legal circles yesterday over the way UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab pushed a top British lawyer to withdraw from a case in this city because it involved the national security law.

Except it doesn't. The case involves a BRITISH ERA law in Hong Kong.

"Raab's move is simply an attack on the rule of law," said one local lawyer. Commentator Chan Ho-ho via Twitter said it was a clear case of the UK "using political pressure to try to influence an ongoing trial."

Will Raab issue a correction and apology? No. And mainstream media will likely hide the fact that he got it wrong.

* * *

Meanwhile, there was no sympathy in the charity sector at yesterday's news that the activists' 612 Humanitarian Fund is nearly empty.

The word "humanitarian" is normally applied to organizations rescuing victims of deadly disasters - but the Hong Kong fund mainly pays millions of dollars of fees to barristers and solicitors.

"Even if they are not buying second Porsches with the cash, 'humanitarian' seems to be the wrong word," our NGO sources grumbled.

* * *

A Hongkonger who uses the name HKxEva yesterday read that Donald Trump issued large numbers of pardons to friends charged with a range of criminal acts. "Dear USA," she said.

"Please tell me more of this 'rule of law' you keep telling me we don't have in Hong Kong!"

* * *

The BBC yesterday shared yet another story about a Hong Kong family fleeing this horrible, oppressed city to escape to the delightful heavenly safety of UK (Utopia Kingdom). But buried in the text was the teeny detail that daddy earns his income working for a mainland China firm! And he intends to keep his job, working remotely. BBC coverage of Hong Kong is like a never-ending bad joke.

* * *

Reader Paul Lowndes yesterday shared this photo of a nice, all-purpose airline sign spotted on the Xiamen route.

* * *

Don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I'd be surprised if more than 80 percent of people who enter the terrifying mazes known as IKEA stores eventually come out the other side.

* * *

While so many people were being happy about the Trump family's departure yesterday, a wise reader delivered a grim warning.

"The international media yesterday lost its favorite bad guys," he said. "It will need other people to hate, and Hong Kong and China, already identified as targets and with zero public relations skills, are sitting right here.

Be afraid. Be very afraid."

* * *

Thoughts on the Biden inauguration: This is a momentous day! No longer will a group of rich old white men in America strive to harm our community.

From this day on, a diverse, gender-mixed, politically correct group of woke rich people will try to harm our community.

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