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Central Station | 26 Nov 2020

Officials and pro-establishment lawmakers seemed to lose their focus during Carrie Lam's delivery of her policy address, which lasted for two hours and 15 minutes.

Erick Tsang Kwok-wai, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, was caught with his eyes closed, while Executive Council member Arthur Li Kwok-cheung played Sudoku.

Christopher Cheung Wah-fung, financial services lawmaker, seemed to be distracted as well as he was caught texting someone on WhatsApp about his HK$9,600 hairy crab order.

The reading of the policy address went ultra smooth this year with no interruption from pro-democracy lawmakers as they resigned en masse early this month. Last year, the address was halted twice on the same day as pan-democratic lawmakers protested in the chamber. Lam then opted to deliver it via video recording.

Lam said she had a strong feeling about being able to finish it peacefully and rationally.

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