Record response credited to sneaky trick

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 25 Nov 2020

Hong Kong government climate specialists were astonished at what they found when they checked responses to an energy consultation exercise recently.

There were a whopping 73,000 messages denouncing a scheme to lower Hong Kong's carbon footprint.

Why such a huge outcry against an innocuous plan?

Reporters from Transit Jam, a website focusing on transport news, uncovered the real story.

Like Hong Kong's drinking water supply, our only source of low-carbon electricity would be from the mainland.

That annoyed some anti-China activists behind the scenes--who took action. "Bots and messages coordinated through LIHKG, an online forum used by anti-government protesters, swamped Hong Kong's landmark climate consultation with calls to ax low-carbon Chinese electricity," reported Transit Jam's James Ockenden.

Result: it seemed as if the public was against the plan.

Conclusion: for these activists, saving Hong Kong from climate change was LESS important than sabotaging any cooperation with mainland China.

As Trump would say: sad.

* * *

A Mong Kok commercial sex worker was diagnosed with Covid earlier this month and told doctors she'd had about 100 customers during the infectious period. If bars and dance classes are considered to provide "too much contact" during these covid-fearing days, how come prostitutes aren't?

* * *

Without wanting to be a pedant, surely the pictured sign (from the UK), demanding that only one person use the meeting room at a time, means that it is no longer a meeting room?

* * *

Holidays are so important that scientists' warnings should be disregarded. That's the message in much of the West this week, with the UK Daily Express's front page headline being typical: "Boris in fight against experts to save Christmas."

Naomi Wu, who works in the mainland, noted the refusal to cancel Christmas and commented: "Chinese New Year is the largest human migration on the planet. For many Chinese it is the ONLY time they see not only their extended family but their children and spouses We cancelled it."

* * *

Wacko British peer Lord David Alton has been telling his country's parliamentarians that Chinese people have been "forcibly removing the organs from living victims" in the latest episode of his tireless campaign to dehumanize Chinese. Evidence comes from Radio Free Asia, he said.

Since any Hong Kong child who knows how to use Google can uncover the fact that Radio Free Asia is a CIA mouthpiece infamous for over-the-top allegations, why can't this wealthy aristocrat do the same?

Reminder: Radio Free Asia was the "news" outlet that reported that China fixed Covid in Wuhan by [I'm not making this up] cremating the sufferers alive.

* * *

It's interesting that the US government made a fuss over the dismissal of lawmakers in Hong Kong known for filibustering. America's President Elect Joe Biden has expressed a wish to outlaw ways of delaying government business, and one technique in particular: filibustering.

* * *

US reporter Emily Feng, of NPR, tried to create anger against China by posting on the internet a picture she took of a mosque with "the hammer and sickle on the roof." What an outrage! How could you place a communist symbol on a mosque?

But eagle-eyed Lily Chang noticed that the structure was actually the sign of Islam - a crescent and a star. It does look kind of similar. Good thing Emily didn't climb up the mosque and pull it down.

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