Spokesman makes about face

Central Station | Maisy Mok 24 Nov 2020

Reports of national security law defendant Tony Chung Hon-lam being subject to unreasonable treatment while remanded appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

Chung was the former convener of pro-independence group Studentlocalism. The former spokesman of the group, Ho Nok-hang, had earlier accused the Correctional Services Department of targeting Chung, forcing him to march for four hours over two days while he was remanded in Pik Uk Correctional Institution. Activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung subsequently repeated the accusation and posted pictures of an officer whom he said ordered the marching.

Ho made a U-turn just a day later, saying Chung actually marched for an hour alongside more than ten inmates.

The action was not aimed at Chung, the group clarified yesterday. The error arose from a misunderstanding when Ho talked to a friend who visited Chung on Sunday. Without naming him specifically, the Correctional Services Department later criticized Wong for making accusations against an officer without verifying the facts.

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