Some take Covid seriously, others don't

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 23 Nov 2020

People from Hong Kong and elsewhere are reviving their business trips to mainland China.

What happens when you get there? In Shanghai, I hear from readers, you are met by people in hazmat suits and escorted through an airport turned into a massive quarantine facility.

More people in hazmat suits test you and then they put you on special coaches.

Then another lot greet you at your hotel and put you in a comfortable hotel guestroom and give you three meals a day.

The door is not locked or sealed but you are asked to stay in.

Meals are "huge and quite nice," said Hutch Wilco, a New Zealander. For variety, you can order out.

What happens if you fly to the UK?

"Welcome to London. We recommend self-isolation. Be a good chap and do it properly."

That's it. And off you go, free as a bird.

* * *

Why were members of Hong Kong dance classes yesterday declared the first people in the city to be legally forced to have Covid tests?

Answer: partner-swapping. "Most members turn up with their own husbands, but they swap regularly during the exercises," said a reader known for her cha-cha-cha skills. "To be honest, that's the main reason I go."

* * *

Reader Scott Smyth was surprised to see "beef striplion" on the menu at The Murray, a hotel in Central, as you can see in the picture. Lion? Not loin? "The 'striplion' tastes more like beef than chicken," he said yesterday.

* * *

A question I have always wanted to ask: when tycoons get married, does the priest say: "Do you take this woman as your first wife?"

* * *

The Chinese community in Australia is upset over the broadcast of a British children's TV show called Horrible Histories in which a character dressed in traditional Chinese costume eats cockroaches while the Western presenters vomit and yell "Disgusting!"

"It came to light when Chinese Australian parents complained about their kids being taunted and bullied at school about eating cockroaches," said Michael Woodhead.

But China critic Adam Turan tweeted: "What's wrong with it? Don't they eat cockroaches? They eat almost everything including rats, snakes, dogs, donkeys, spiders and bats. That's their culture."

* * *

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a right wing anti-China group in Sydney, published a map of the north part of China's Xinjiang province on Friday. Spokesman Nathan Ruser's caption said: "Much is literally colonized."

You can't colonize yourself, Nathan. It's like saying: "In a fresh outrage, Nathan Ruser has taken control of his left leg."

* * *

In related news, "researcher" Adrian Zenz posted on the internet a picture of a note allegedly found hidden in a pair of shoes from China. The note was supposedly a plea for rescue from an imprisoned Uyghur in Xinjiang.

But sharp-eyed Jerry Grey, a retiree living in Guangdong, did some research. "North Face doesn't make shoes in Xinjiang; only parts which would be assembled in New York," he said yesterday. The note is conveniently written in English.

What's interesting is that the mainstream media, for once, ignored Zenz's story about the note.

They're wising up. Finally.

* * *

A thought: it's a good thing Heimlich didn't get the idea for his famous manoeuvre during the MeToo era or the Covid era. He'd have been arrested before saving his first life.

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