Graveyard art puts new slant on death

Central Station | 22 Oct 2020

How would you want to go on a sightseeing tour to a cemetery?

That's the destination of a tour introduced by a conservation group, the Conservancy Association.

The group said it will organize free tours to the Aberdeen Chinese Permanent Cemetery for the public.

It has invited Joseph Ting Sun-pao, adjunct professor from the department of history of the Chinese University, to guide the visitors during the tours.

"The Aberdeen Chinese Permanent Cemetery is like a record book of the Chinese cemeteries' history for more than 100 years," it said.

The cemetery will also display a 30-meter-long wall painting, aiming to present traditional Chinese culture as well as thoughts behind the colorful painting.

"The cemetery is the first to bring art into the graveyard, breaking with the traditional idea that death is gloomy and dark," it said.

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