Cinema chain faces reality check of new era

Central Station | 22 Oct 2020

The deep sociopolitical divisions in Hong Kong wrought by the unrest of not so long ago have farreaching ramifications, and the realities of this new era is just dawning on cinema chains here.

The latest fallout from the unrest that seems to have gone underground found Cinema City distancing itself from the movie Era, which depicts the unrest and stars pro-police celebrities such as Mat Yeung Ming.

New Era Entertainment unveiled the trailer for the movie in a Facebook post on Tuesday, claiming the movie will be available at all branches of Cinema City starting from November 6.

Cinema City put out a Facebook post denying it in the dead of night at 3.38am, saying it had not made any arrangements for the film's showing so far, and people should verify the film's exact release date and where the film will be showcased.

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