Teen TikTok sensation hits number one

Central Station | 15 Oct 2020

New Zealand's 17-year-old TikTok star Josh Nanai, known as Jawsh 685, saw his MV Savage Love top the US Billboard Hot 100, crossing over two billion views on the platform.

The viral anthem, remixed by Jason Derulo and BTS, took off after TikTok users began using it as the backing track for a popular dance challenge.

"It blows my mind to be US number 1," Nanai wrote in a social media post. "A kid from south Auckland showing other kids you can do it, any street you're from, anywhere. You can do it, believe in yourself, you can do it. Trust me."

The young Kiwi producer has since signed with Columbia Records and gone on to top charts in Britain, Germany, New Zealand and Australia, among other countries.

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