Exam reveals comedy of errors

Central Station | 15 Oct 2020

Some Hong Kong English teachers mixed up "testing" with "tasting" and misspelled "aggressive" and "anonymously" in a language proficiency exam.

The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority said in the listening paper, "some candidates struggled to express themselves coherently and succinctly," and advised teachers to listen to more English genres to improve their awareness of spoken English.

In the speaking task, it found candidates not only "lacked accuracy and appropriacy in pronunciation, stress and intonation but were also unable to effectively express an understanding of the mood and meaning."

The exam is mandatory for all English teachers at schools, and only those obtaining level three results are deemed suitable to teach the subject.

This year's attainment rate is 86.9 percent for reading, 50.2 percent for writing, 78.33 percent for listening and 62.3 percent for speaking.

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