Killer virus game overtaken by events

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 14 Sep 2020

Readers in Kwun Tong were curious about a seven-story building named "Infected," which is available for lease.

Here's the story. From late last year this housed an immersive horror-themed "entertainment experience."

You paid cash to find yourself trapped in a version of Hong Kong stalked by a dangerous disease.

The timing of the adventure activity was unfortunate - Covid-19 was already quietly spreading.

Within weeks, all of us were trapped in a version of Hong Kong stalked by a dangerous disease, no need to pay for tickets.

As for the empty building, perhaps the government can use it as a quarantine center?

They wouldn't even have to change the banners.

* * *

A young woman of east Asian ethnicity calling herself "Doge" has started sending out tweets about how China has destroyed Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Mongolia.

However, one of her messages included a location tag - and it identified her as being in Arlington, Virginia, the US county near the CIA headquarters.

Just a coincidence, of course.

* * *

A man lost a massive paunch in less than a minute at Hong Kong's Lok Ma Chau crossing last week, customs officers reported.

The 51-year-old man had HK$10 million worth of gold bars sewn into the waistband of his jeans - and was 20 kilos lighter without his pants.

Now that's what I call a speedy weight-loss program.

* * *

The Water Supplies Department said it will reopen its Water Resources Public Education Centre today but will make special arrangements "to avoid gathering of crowds." Just how popular do they think they are?

* * *

While US leader Donald Trump is being ferociously anti-China as an election strategy, his real feelings may be shown by an anecdote in a book by former staff member John Bolton.

Trump pointed to his huge desk, asking staff to imagine that it was mainland China's economy. Then he pointed to his pen. "That's Taiwan's economy," he said.

He values the rich, not the poor.

* * *

Meanwhile, Trump released a list of anti-China hawks he wanted to see on the Supreme Court, including Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

Connection with Hong Kong? All three have been photographed posing with Joshua Wong or Jimmy Lai.

* * *

People around the world feel societies need stronger leaders, not more democracy, says the World Values Survey, a global study run from Europe.

Western liberal democracies favor their system. But the rest of the world, across the age range, prefers a more Asian model.

"Whatever is driving people towards strongmen is affecting entire countries, not just cohorts within them," said The Economist, reviewing the results.

Someone tell Claudia Mo.

* * *

Hong Kong radicals last year: "We have written our wills and are ready to die for our cause."

Hong Kong radicals this year: "Twelve tickets to Taiwan please."

* * *

US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Otagus said the arrest of 12 people illegally crossing borders to Taiwan was "another sad example of the deterioration of human rights in Hong Kong."

Seriously, Morgan? The US arrested 851,508 people for illegally crossing borders last fiscal year. Just sayin'.

* * *

My neighbors give their toddler massive applause every time he uses the toilet. Boy, is that kid going to expect high praise for minimal achievements when he grows up?

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