'Mulan' brings dishonor on your cow

Central Station | 10 Sep 2020

Eagled-eyed viewers noticed something interesting in the credits of Disney's recent remake of Mulan: "special thanks" to a public security bureau in Turpan, Xinjiang, where multiple internment camps have allegedly been documented.

The Chinese Communist Party's propaganda department in Xinjiang was also listed, alongside other government entities.

People are accusing Disney of "double standards" - embracing social justice movements such as MeToo and Black Lives Matter while turning a blind eye to China's rights abuses -and have called for a fresh boycott.

Already a troubled release with controversies over cultural appropriation and lead Liu Yifei's views on Hong Kong, as well as an original release date that fell victim to the pandemic, it looks like Mulan is now entering yet another battle Disney had not prepared for.

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