Fourth time lucky at cursed hotel chain

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 7 Sep 2020

Owners of the Metropark chain must have groaned last week when a Covid outbreak was traced to a floor of that hotel in Mong Kok and people in hazmat suits rushed in.

For those with long memories, when SARS first arrived in Hong Kong in 2003, it checked into a nearby branch of the same hotel chain.

Separately, when the 2009 H1N1 bird flu scare arrived in Hong Kong, it announced its presence to the world at another sister hotel in Wan Chai.

On the plus side, the medical team of Covid-killers who arrived from the mainland last month also stayed at a Metropark hotel.

You could set an entire Netflix mini-series in that hotel chain's head office.

* * *

What a change in Kyle Bass. Last year, the wealthy American financier urged Hong Kong protesters on, wanting them to destroy the city's economy and try to divide China.

This week he condemned US protesters, blamed the unrest on "foreign-funded groups" and sent out tweets saying America cannot be divided.

I am really starting to believe in karma.

* * *

The Chinese words on the pictured sign tell people not to climb over the wall, but the English equivalent gives a broader prohibition.

* * *

Joshua Wong yesterday tweeted a warning to the world about Mulan star Liu Yifei.

"She supports authoritarian violence against pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong," he wrote.

This was ironic since it refers to when violent radicals ill-treated a mainland man at the airport so badly that they were jointly condemned by peaceful protesters AND critics of the protests.

In fact, the only people who didn't condemn it were those who "support authoritarian violence." Like Joshua Wong.

* * *

A shocking US$100 billion (HK$775 billion) fell off the semiconductor index in the US last Thursday.

This was embarrassing because Donald Trump challenged China to make its own semiconductors, and this shows that investors think they'll do it. As US prices crashed, the prices of Hong Kong-listed equivalents jumped.

* * *

Allegations about China's treatment of Uyghurs are becoming extreme.

One source wrote yesterday on Twitter: "The amount of Muslims that were killed in China has surpassed the amount of Jews that were killed in the Holocaust."

A Muslim named Temur replied: "Yes, Xi Jinping executed me and my entire family last night with Kung Fu attack. Please send money."

* * *

In related news, Jason Sun said he has been doing the math on the back of a napkin. "China is reportedly holding 1.3 out of every one Uyghur in concentration camps," he said.

* * *

US comedian Lee Camp picked up our story about US activist Brian Kern, outed for claiming to be a local Hong Kong-born citizen.

The comedian said he'd worked out why some Americans do this sort of trick: "Our entire government wants to destroy China because, and I have verified this fact for myself, they are another country that is not us."

Roy Taylor commented on Lee's video: "The Standard was the first to out Kern and the Hong Kong Free Press threatened dire consequences to that newspaper if they did not retract.

"Nice to see what some have been suspecting for a long time about these 'peaceful protests' is now coming out."

* * *

Serious question: why do the people who decide the prices at Hong Kong supermarkets use a random number generator?

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