Land of vegetarians is spare parts store

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 2 Sep 2020

China "annexed" the "country of Shenzhen" because it is inhabited by vegetarians with kosher internal organs, US broadcaster Adam Crigler reported in a clip widely shared across Hong Kong yesterday.

He was being completely serious.

Shenzhen people don't eat meat so it can be chopped up "for parts to sell." Most are sold "to Saudi Arabia and whoever," Crigler added.

Co-presenter Ian Crossland said: "That's literally what's happening right now in China."

The clip was sent to me by reader Sunita Chau, who said: "This is so wrong-headed that it would be hilarious, except for the fact that they totally believe this and these sorts of tales are now mainstream beliefs about China."

* * *

In related news, several Hongkongers have discovered that the "spy camera" aerial shots of Xinjiang's "concentration camps" can be found using ordinary apps like Google or Baidu maps.

Hover your cursor over one "concentration camp" and a Trip Advisor-style review pops up, showing it to be a luxury residential block that gets high ratings from users.

"A 'camp' with a five-star rating," said a Baidu map user giving his name as Tchiek.

* * *

A motorist without a disabled sign parked in a parking lot's handicapped space - and someone with a can of spray paint decided to "fix" the problem. (Spotter: Gerry Em.)

* * *

Hong Kong women's average earnings jumped 6.5 percent in a year, from HK$16,000 a month to HK$17,000, government statisticians revealed yesterday. Everything else fell.

In times of crisis, society learns which sectors are really valuable: like nursing, education and health care.

* * *

Hong Kong is increasingly run by women. Civil service leadership in British Hong Kong was 85 percent male, but today between a third and half of director-level staff are female.

At this week's administrative service internship meeting for Hong Kong's next generation of leaders, there were 11 girls and five boys.

* * *

Critics of Hong Kong's health service in February: "We are outraged that they are not testing everyone."

Critics of Hong Kong's health service this month: "We are outraged that they are testing everyone."

* * *

A US teenager who organized a protest rally was sent a US$2,500 (HK$19,500) bill for police overtime, CBS News reported. Officials in New Jersey withdrew it when she complained, but said all event organizers are normally made to pay fees.

Now tell me again about how the US is the land of the free?

* * *

"Rioting is not protesting," US presidential candidate Joe Biden said yesterday. "Setting fires is not protesting."

Are you listening, Claudia Mo?

* * *

"Indian troops took control of Hunan Coast," Indian media reported yesterday. Given that Hunan is a landlocked province of China, hundreds of kilometers from the sea, this is pretty impressive work.

* * *

There are not many pictures circulating yet of Lisa-Marie Tse, the newly crowned Miss Hong Kong.

But there is one of her at work as a surgical nurse at a hospital in Scotland, and one of her as a Hong Kong contest participant - and guess which one shows her in a surgical mask? Hint: not the surgical nurse one.

* * *

Real-time tracking of green-top minibuses is on its way to your phone, reports Transitjam, the Hong Kong transport website.

I'm guessing that they can't do it for red-top minibuses because they'd need supersonic aircraft tracking devices.

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