An ill wind blows for mask fans

Central Station | 30 Jul 2020

When you see an advertisement for medical products endorsed by well-known experts, best fact check first.

Case in point: Dr Ho Pak-leung hit back at the use of his image and name to market a "fan fitted inside masks." The brand, selling a type of "mask fan" to go inside facial masks, features "endorsements" from a number of local medical experts.

The advert claims the product improves ventilation and reduces stuffiness while wearing masks.

Other medical experts also featured in the advert, such as the chairman of the Hong Kong Medical Association's advisory committee on communicable diseases, Dr Leung Chi-chiu, and chemistry tutor Kenneth Kwong Si-san.

Yesterday, Ho wrote in a social media post that he had not given the company permission to use his image and name.

"I will not purchase the product, nor recommend anyone buy it," Ho wrote, adding that he had instructed his lawyer to take legal action against the company.

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