Prosecutor itching for trouble

Central Station | 28 Jul 2020

Yesterday's court hearing saw a rare case of the prosecution taking the heat.

At a hearing yesterday, West Kowloon magistrate Peony Wong Nga-yan took a female junior prosecutor to task for not wearing her mask properly.

Wong was hearing a case in which construction worker Poon Yung-wai, 37, who used the alias "Kim Jong Un," allegedly called for netizens to besiege a detention center where he alleged female protesters had been gang raped.

The reprehension came on the first day of trial, when the prosecutor pulled down her mask to rub her nose. This action sparked a scolding by Wong.

"This is against the law," Wong said to the prosecutor, "and you should know that as [an employee of] Department of Justice. There's no exemption here. You could be charged!"

Wong was referring to the new disease control regulations, which stipulate that all citizens are required to wear masks in all indoor public places, which is in effect from July 23 to August 5.

The prosecutor's superior then apologized to Wong.

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