Even the dead don't get to rest in peace

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 24 Jul 2020

More than 50 dead people will have to move home, Hong Kong city planners revealed yesterday.

They discovered 10 graves and 42 funeral urns on the site of the city's latest new town, Hung Shui Kiu.

The dead have until October 24 to find new homes.

There's a movie in there somewhere.

* * *

The business community is siding with conservatives on the topic of stability - but also ramping up advertising for overseas properties.

Their attitude is like this: "Don't worry, everybody, there is not the slightest need for you to leave Hong Kong."

[Pulls brochure out of inside jacket pocket.]

"But if you feel you really want to, check out these cool condos in Malaysia."

* * *

If the local Covid-19 count keeps rising, and we get our first strict European-style lockdown, what will be defined as "essential items" here?

I'm guessing: Chinese IPO shares, feng shui goldfish, XO sauce, small apartments, annuity schemes and baby-strollers for dogs.


Well, maybe, if there's still time.

* * *

The top brands floor at Wing On Department Store in Central was yesterday showing off a designer virus-protective ladies' bonnet in dusty pink.

If you're stayin' alive, do it in style.

* * *

Incidentally, the Wing On car park does not accept Octopus payments.

Nor FPS. Nor Alipay. Nor Visa. Nor Mastercard. Nor debit cards.

It ONLY accepts this weird stuff called "cash," as if users were early hominids from the African savannah.

* * *

Some Hong Kong protesters and "blue camp" members found themselves celebrating the same thing yesterday: the UK's decision to specifically invite people "arrested during the protests" to immigrate to Britain.

The violent radicals should go, say some peaceful protesters who felt they spoiled their nice image. And blue camp people just want to be rid of all bomb-throwers.

Without a UK extradition pact, Hong Kong can't ask them to return to face justice.

Boris will just have to keep them.

* * *

A netizen going by Sky-blue168 recognized drone footage being circulated with a caption saying it shows innocent Uyghurs in Xinjiang being marched to prison in hoods as if they were criminals.

He found the original - it showed Han Chinese men in Guizhou being marched to prison in hoods because they WERE criminals.

None of them were Uyghurs and it was shot 3,400 kilometers away from Xinjiang.

The number of people who shared the video with the false caption: 1.7 million.

The number of people who shared the video with a corrected caption: 203.

* * *

Via Twitter, Alyse Radenovic said she tries to balance out the constant Western media negativity about China by asking Westerners to read more widely.

HER: "You can read a more balanced version in the Russian press."

THEM: "You can't trust Russians."

HER: "Well, ask a Chinese person, then."

THEM: "The Chinese are BRAINWASHED."

HER: "Well, here's a white American who agrees with them."

THEM: "He must be a communist!"

* * *

Teachers at several schools have been told to conduct all classes online in the coming school term while ensuring all students get their usual grades.

Geez - I would hate to be the school swimming coach.

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