Birth rate climbs as 'genocide' goes awry

Central Station | 3 Jul 2020

Adrian Zenz, the eccentric "researcher" who is the source of almost all the negative stories about the treatment of Uygurs in China, slipped up this week.

His latest bombshell said that the Chinese have committed "genocide" by preventing Uygurs from having babies.

Unfortunately, the information he provided included data on birthrates in Xinjiang - which showed a sharp rise in the size of Uygurs families and a drop in the number of Chinese ones.

So, not the most successful "genocide" technique then.

* * *

The irony of what just happened regarding the introduction of a security law was not lost on readers.

"The protestors were complaining about a loss of freedoms, although there were none," said Mark Webb-Johnson. "And the protests resulted in a loss of freedoms."

* * *

Mary Jane Chui agreed, saying that the story has the ironic structure of a perfect fairy tale.

"It's exactly like the story of The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf,' but the twist is that the boy shouted so loud that he eventually summoned the actual wolf," she said.

"And the really annoying thing is that everyone is now trying to blame the wolf."

* * *

Some Hong Kong shops now have a "new arrivals" section for facemasks.

Maybe the virus is fashion conscious: "This guy's mask is super-fashionable, so I'ma gonna jump on someone wearing last week's mask instead."

* * *

The UK backlash against their government's invitation to Hong Kong people has already started.

Typical of the letters being sent to the Daily Mail was this one from John Garside of Kensington: "We don't have space for three million Chinese. Where can I protest against this?"

You can just picture them spitting their cigars into their tea.

* * *

Reader Sam SC Chui was annoyed to see a Hong Kong banker friend lowering his glass of Chateau Lynch-Bages and considering applying to Britain as a "refugee" - the word the Western media is using.

The term is wrong, said Nicole Ying: "They're not refugees, they're immigrants."

Derek Chow was puzzled as to why UK leaders aren't offering passports to ACTUAL refugees from ACTUAL wars.

"I don't see them taking people from war-torn countries," he said.

I have to agree with readers: this makes no sense at all.

* * *

But many readers from Hong Kong know that the entire "mass exodus to the UK" thing is a fantasy, anyway.

"At some stage, Dominic Raab and BorisJohnson may need to explain to people that it's not really going to happen," said Ken Ho.

It's a repeat of the 1990s technique in which the British offered Hong Kong rescue plans that sounded good but were almost never actually used.

"I was one of those recipients but never thought of leaving," said reader Vijay Nainani.

* * *

Overseas readers said the whole story seemed to be backward.

Informed people would want to "escape" from the UK or the US, Janice Yorks said.

"Honest to gods, I wish I could 'flee' to Hong Kong," said Angela Lancaster, a US resident.

"I may try to swim over there."

* * *

Want to annoy someone?

When people ask about your politics, say you'll vote for whoever your dog likes.

Nobody likes having their vote canceled out by a dog.

Mwa ha ha ha ha.

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