Fund that does not exist gets defunded

Central Station | 29 Jun 2020

No money-la!

A US$2 million (HK$15.5 million) pile of cash to fund anti-China elements in Hong Kong and nearby has been suspended by a lieutenant of Donald Trump, Time magazine reported at the weekend.

So which fund is this?

One of the secret ones that everybody in Hong Kong knows exists but which are always denied?

I know of several.

* * *

An over-politicized social media user called One Little Bird has been trying for months to get Twitter to silence Daniel Dumbrill, a popular Hong Kong commenter who exposes some of the sillier sayings and doings of Joshua Wong Chi-fung and friends.

This weekend, finally, One Little Bird got a positive reply from Twitter that one of Dumbrill's posts would be removed.

But which?

"The only video I had to remove was one of me with my kids in the park that was playing copyrighted music in the background," laughed Dumbrill.

* * *

A shoe shop in Fortress Hill offers a 50 percent discount for people who buy two shoes. Huh?

Don't most people already buy shoes two at a time? (Spotter: Candice Sin.)

* * *

At the weekend, a huge crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters marched into Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles district where their celebrity supporters live, Ian Miles Cheong reported.

They were chanting "Eat the rich," he said.

I hope the celebrities did the right thing and served themselves upon large silver platters with side salads.

* * *

Animation and TV firms in the United States are replacing white voice actors who played non-white characters, the media reported.

So what are they going to do with Hamilton, the Broadway show in which black and Hispanic actors play white people?

Or the Hollywood blackjack movie 21 in which white actors play Asian-Americans?

* * *

Hong Kong's national security law was described as "draconian" on Friday by the Associated Press.

This is strange because: a) they haven't read it; and b) draconian laws refer to the legal code of Draco, which stipulated that the punishment for stealing a cabbage was death.

Let's see if they're right.

I miss the days when journalists reported stuff, rather than inventing it as they do now.

* * *

There was much amusement on Twitter yesterday when it was reported that organizers of a "Defund The Police Rally" in the US put in a request for a police presence for their safety.

This reminds me of a rally in Hong Kong last year when marchers tried very hard to set fire to surprisingly patient police officers.

The theme was "anti-police brutality."

* * *

What's behind the mystery of the protester statue which appeared in the shop window of Tsuen Wan designer garment store Chickeeduck?

There have long been rumors that owner Herbert Chow Siu-lung will end up in politics for the pan-dems.

While the majority of Hong Kong people in business oppose anti-China activism, the few pan-dem ones receive universally fawning media coverage from the Western press, as Jimmy Lai Chee-ying has discovered.

* * *

This is a quote from George Orwell's 1984: " every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute."

The book predicts the rise of a revisionist process that eventually gridlocks human society - just saying.

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