Blocked smugglers relocate to the ocean

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 26 Jun 2020

Hong Kong's smuggling fraternity was so frustrated by the closure of the land border between the city and mainland China that they set up a massive secret floating operation in the Lantau waters north of the airport.

The network of speedboats and barges was so big that it could process 600 tons of goods a day, security chief John Lee Ka-chiu revealed on Wednesday.

See how resourceful Hong Kong people are?

* * *

My neighbor's son hasn't received his HK$10,000 cash handout yet, but he is already preparing for gold diggers.

This boy will go far.

* * *

Lausan, a secretive cluster of Hong Kong lefties, attacked this week.

They got their contacts in California to project huge curse words beginning with the letter F on the outer walls of the Chinese consulate building in Los Angeles.

Lausan members are extreme left, but hate communists. (Nope, I don't get it either.)

Incidentally, this week is the one-year anniversary of the time rioters broke into the Legislative Council Chamber in Hong Kong and painted the same four-letter F word on the wall.

I'm tempted to describe the actions of these people as childish, but I don't know any children that stupid.

* * *

Hong Kong drainage experts discovered why areas of Kowloon East and Kwun Tong flooded so badly during the black rainstorm on June 6 - it turned out to be TWO black rainstorms on top of each other.

The official designation for black rainstorm, the highest level of rain warning, is 70mm of water an hour.

On June 6, rain fell at a rate of 139mm an hour - like an ocean dropping from the sky or an anime character crying.

* * *

Joshua Wong's bill to hurt the Hong Kong economy was delayed during its passage through the United States parliament by Donald Trump's administration, the Politico website reported yesterday.

US bankers in Hong Kong have been telling Washington that the Hong Kong Autonomy Act is bad for everyone.

I hope someone is listening.

* * *

Hong Kong's civil service boss Patrick Nip made a speech this week in which he reminded civil servants they work for the SAR and the initials are short for "Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China."

Enough said.

* * *

Indian nationalists paraded through Kolkata this week with the pictured banner attacking China - but which accidentally featured a map of the United States.

They also demanded all Chinese goods be removed from the popular market in Siliguri, West Bengal, known as Hong Kong Market.

Earlier, the Indian nationalist protesters told the media that they were going to set fire to an effigy they had made of "China's Premier Kim Jong Un."

Carry on, lads.

* * *

A bird flu outbreak in Europe caused the Hong Kong government to ban eggs and chicken from a place called Lombardy this week.

Yes, it's the exact same bit of Italy that was so badly hit by the virus recently.

These guys SERIOUSLY need to get their feng shui sorted out. Can we sell them some goldfish?

* * *

I'm telling you, the only way to get your kids to listen to you these days is to start your own TikTok channel.

This can be used to broadcast suitable messages, such as: "If you don't start behaving IMMEDIATELY, Daddy will dance."

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