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Central Station | Nury Vittachi 24 Jun 2020

Facebook banned Hong Kong's former "god of TV" Robert Chua for three days for making the mildest of jokes.

His crime was sharing a light-hearted meme: "Due to Covid-19, we are asking protesters to work from home and destroy their own property."

Shocked Facebook moderators locked him out for "incitement to violence!"

Seriously? Yep. He was surprised, as any child can see that it's a gentle one-liner.

Robert Chua became a legend when his variety show, Enjoy Yourself Tonight, was so popular that it aired five nights a week on Hong Kong television for 28 years straight.

Facebook's action was annoying, but Robert is staying positive. "I'll soon be launching a new show," he told this newspaper. Watch this space.

* * *

The statue-toppling movement has reached us. Hong Kong's Victoria Park "should be renamed and its history, including statues, placed in a museum," Anthony Hackett said.

Guess we have to update the name to our new ruler, so that makes it Xi Jinping Park. Happy now, Anthony?

* * *

Why are the pictured removal men walking toward each other? Is it a foldable piano?

* * *

Last week: TikTok is an evil Chinese communist app that should be deleted by everyone in the free Western world.

This week: TikTok was used to troll Trump and thus it is a glorious example of Western free speech that must be preserved FOREVER.

* * *

Raising your fist is a gesture that is STRICTLY reserved for Afro-Americans, a (white) female organizer told a crowd at a US Black Lives Matter rally attended by Amanda Mae Yee (popular in Hong Kong under her social media name "Radio Free Amanda").

How dare you be supportive! Stop showing solidarity AT ONCE!

* * *

Tough guy US politician Mike Pompeo said in a video message yesterday that if the Chinese people "want to continue to build out their nation, they need to do so on a Western rule set that honors the rule of law and honors freedom and respect for sovereignty."

Western rule set? No thanks.

Countries invaded by Pompeo's country in the past four decades: Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti.

Countries invaded by China in the past four decades: none.

* * *

Sunday's eclipse reminded reader John Wilson of the old Hong Kong government announcements that reminded citizens to wear special glasses when observing "the moon eating the sun." Ah, the wonders of science.

* * *

The mainland has quietly passed a civil rights law that covers everything from banning sexual harassment to giving rights to babies developing in the womb.

At the exact same time, a debate has started in the US on abolishing the police. "Yes, we mean literally abolish the police, because reform won't happen," a campaigner explained in a New York Times op-ed.

Are the world's superpowers trading places?

* * *

Wilfred Chan, a US-based cheerleader for Joshua Wong, is this week urging the Hong Kong protest movement to cut its ties with American right-wing politicians.

Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz last year: "Support protesters! Arrest the police!"

Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz this year: "Support the police! Arrest protesters!"

* * *

So Covid-19 makes you lose your sense of taste? Shouldn't the Masterchef judges all be moving to Hong Kong and wearing like 10 masks each?

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