Gas is deadly for us, but harmless to US

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 5 Jun 2020

In its Hong Kong coverage last year, CNN painted a nightmare picture of tear gas ruining this generation's health and causing birth defects in the next generation: "Follow-ups on pregnancy outcomes, fetal issues, malformations, developmental problems, should be investigated over many years, and in general, lung and cardiovascular health."

In its US coverage this week, CNN returned to the subject and came up with a very different story.

While exposure "to riot control agents at close proximity or in a closed-in space" can cause blindness or respiratory failure, most people suffer "excessive tearing" or "a runny nose," it said.

That's because tear gas is "a nonlethal compound that has been used in the United States since the 1950s."

Got it.

In Hong Kong, it destroys us and the next generation.

In the US, it gives you a runny nose.

* * *

ZA, the virtual bank that exists only on your phone, is offering to collect the Hong Kong government's HK$10,000 cash handout for you and turn it into HK$11,000 on delivery.

"Trouble is, the reason I need the money is to buy the phone in the first place," said the reader who told me about it.

* * *

If you Google the Hong Kong government, the results call you a "dummy" as this pic shows.

No idea why.

Maybe Google thinks you should be able to guess the web address.

* * *

Seen on Twitter yesterday: a masked protester smashing up a branch of Starbucks in Seattle while his friend used an umbrella to hide the crime from cameras.

Hong Kong: proud supplier of vandalism techniques to the world.

You're welcome.

* * *

I had to laugh at the reports that Boris Johnson is "giving three million people from Hong Kong the right to move to the UK."

Not going to happen.

Adults will recall many similar schemes during the 1990s.

Take-up was way lower than expected and many of those who did leave Hong Kong came back.

* * *

In the US, protesters threw TWO petrol bombs at a police vehicle and they were charged with attempted murder.

In Hong Kong, protesters threw THOUSANDS of petrol bombs and our officers just got on with their jobs.

* * *

Pastors in Hong Kong were dismayed at government orders to make sure their churches were no more than half full.

But on Sunday morning they realized it came with a bonus.

"Instead of straggling in halfway through the service, people get there early and fight for the limited number of seats," said the secretly delighted pastor of a church in Kowloon.

He feels like a rock star.

* * *

The government this week promised to try to save the Man Fat Nunnery, a small Taoist convent in an area of Choi Hung due for redevelopment.

It strikes me that any remaining Man Fat nuns could franchise their name as a brand for various products: "Man Fat Diet Plan," etc.

* * *

Top British businesses, including HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Jardines, have now joined all the major home-grown Hong Kong businesses in supporting plans for a national security law.

One investment banker told me why: "Best case scenario: nothing changes. Worst case scenario: Hong Kong becomes a bit more Singaporean and Emily Lau has to be less noisy. Neither seems to me to be a huge tragedy."

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