It's tough at the top

Central Station | 2 Jun 2020

Incoming Undersecretary for Labour and Welfare Ho Kai-ming may need to brush up on his English after struggling to take questions from the media on his first day at work.

The former labor sector lawmaker and Federation of Trade Unions member was quizzed in English on whether he felt his appointment was due to government favoritism.

"Err err there are a lot of questions raised by the RTHK colleague, and I think that when we are in different positions, we would have different points of view to certain people or certain policies, but in the new position in the government, I will try my best to learn from the secretary to make good policies," he said, appearing to look at a collection of notes.

Some netizens mockingly said Ho's English had not improved as much as his HK$217,000 salary - almost double the salary he received as a lawmaker.

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