New jogging track reminds us of Kai Tak

Central Station | Nury Nury Vittachi 18 May 2020

The jogging path from Tung Chung has been extended all the way to the airport. "You can now stand right under the landing path when the plane makes its touchdown!" said reader Gerry Em.

It's like returning to the Kai Tak days.

Before 1998, planes flew so low over Kowloon City that they would ruffle your hair and blow washing off your line - but you could take amazing pictures.

The view from inside the planes was extraordinary too. As an arriving passenger, I remember looking through apartment windows and seeing what residents were having for dinner - no exaggeration.

Aircraft flew so low over Carpenter Street that I sometimes worried they would stop at the traffic lights.

* * *

Last week, readers wrote humorous conspiracy-style interpretations of Hong Kong's free masks program. Now similar conspiracy tales are circulating as fact.

"On a local private internet group, somebody actually said the free masks program was a planned distraction by the government to silence people," said Vicky Snider.

Tang Kin-ching said: "The best one I heard was that by registering for the masks, people reveal all their particulars to the government. Hello! Hong Kong ID cards are issued by the government! They already know who you are."

* * *

Residents of Braemar Hill found a long line of carefully distanced yellow "where to stand" spots on the ground. It turns out that teachers from Chinese International School laid them in anticipation of children returning. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, kids, but it's back to work.

* * *

Parents in Hong Kong have discovered a new problem - students have grown so much in the four months away from class that they can no longer fit into their uniforms. "The students are not going to recognize each other," Corinne Vigniel said.

* * *

Actor George Takei (of Star Trek fame) yesterday praised Hong Kong as one of the places beating the virus. "Let's stop demonizing Asians and start working together, learning lessons they learned from experience," he said.

Thank goodness for tiny pockets of reasonableness in the West.

* * *

Readers laughed to see Hong Kong activist Ventus Lau arguing with staff who stopped him from turning a pillar into a poster board at a shopping mall on Saturday. He argued that malls were public places that anyone could enter and make use of.

Last year, he and his followers argued that malls were private places and police were not allowed to enter.

* * *

After a 12-year-old was found with a press card, Hong Kong Journalists Association chairman Chris Yeung said on Friday that membership requirements were "very strict." I wonder if he has checked his website? It says: "Student membership fee isHK$20for full year, covering both annual and entrance fees." And no, you don't need to send in samples of work.

* * *

Reader Angelo Guiliano said yesterday he was amused to see "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung wearing a revolutionary T-shirt with a famous face on it. "He obviously has no clue about Che Guevara," he laughed. Che strongly favored Chinese communism and even visited China.

* * *

Yellow camp: "The IPCC report is foul, evil lies from beginning to end."

Blue camp: "The IPCC report is pretty much right."

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