Why new masks grip your face so firmly

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 8 May 2020

You have to laugh. Polytechnic University academics were amused by suggestions that the government's free reusable masks "look like underwear."

They were designed by the university's textile center, which is famed for studies of "intimate apparel."

One of the institute's earlier projects examined the "velocity and acceleration" of breasts within bras.

They produced a jiggle-free sports top, accompanied by an academic report in simple language explaining why the invention was needed: "Female breasts contain limited anatomical support due to a lack of muscles and bones."

* * *

The official government edict says that bars and restaurants can reopen today but karaoke lounges are strictly forbidden. On behalf of all music lovers, THANK YOU.

* * *

Before monolingual English-speaking males who live on their own get too excited, I think this sign at a branch of the Taste supermarket chain contains a misprint for "pork."

* * *

Workers are laying the foundations of a whole estate of "Lego" homes at a place called Area 99 in Tung Chung.

Hundreds of apartments will be built as individual rectangular blocks in the mainland and then trucked to Hong Kong.

They will be assembled into a HK$5 billion estate featuring five residential apartment blocks, plus shops and a kindergarten.

I hope each flat is a different color, as in real Lego constructions, but ultimately I don't care about the details. I just fancy living in a place called Area 99.

* * *

A Twitter user named Tongsong told the world yesterday he knew for a fact that police have murdered "thousands" of Hong Kong people and the corpses have been seen. "Some r even duck taped." Oh no. Not the duck tape.

* * *

The technology chief recently rejected a funding application for a one-hour coronavirus detector. The disappointed inventors from Polytechnic University went to Shenzhen for funding instead.

Big mistake? Maybe. The chief, Nicholas Yang, has been replaced.

Civil servants were reminded of an incident many years ago.

In 2005, the government gave the University of Science and Technology student Frank Wang Tao HK$18,000 to make drone parts. But officials rejected further requests.

Wang went to Shenzhen instead and made that city the home of the global drone industry.

Supreme leader Carrie Lam has no mercy for those who make that mistake.

* * *

Hong Kong government officials must be looking longingly at the Philippines, where the government instantly shut hostile broadcaster ABS-CBN.

Recently, civil servants in the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh have all fully or partially shut down the media to silence criticism - and all are democracies.

In contrast, the Hong Kong government gives RTHK a billion dollars a year.

This proves the truth of what so many visitors say: Hong Kong does democracy better than almost all democracies.

* * *

The "relaunch Hong Kong" campaigners were labeled "pro-Beijing heavyweights" by RTHK and other media this week.

But one of the most harmful fallacies is to divide Hongkongers into "pro-Beijing" and "pro-democracy" camps, said reader Peter Fredenburg. Most Hong Kong people favor democracy AND a good relationship with the mainland.

The Hong Kong Coalition includes many non-political people, such as the chief executive of HSBC and tycoon Li Ka-shing.

* * *

Thought for the day: As a typically uptight Asian male, I can't help but wonder if Covid-19 is evolution's way of getting rid of all the huggers?

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