Perfect cake for your food-free wedding

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 30 Mar 2020

Hmm. I see the Hong Kong government has banned meetings of four or more people. So I guess the fan club of independence campaigner Andy Chan Ho-tin can still get together.

There are exemptions, of course. You can have a party of up to 20 people if you are getting married - but you are banned from giving your guests food or drink.

What about the wedding cake? These things can easily cost HK$7,000 or more. Do the couple have to eat the whole thing themselves?

The answer may be to go to Glamorous Wedding Cake, a shop in Sheung Wan which will RENT you a lovely three-tier wedding cake for HK$880.

The cake looks great in photos but isn't actually edible and you have to give it back afterwards.

Which is fine.

[Unless, of course, you are a tycoon and you want to keep your wedding cake for any further weddings you may have.]

* * *

A couple of weeks ago, there was outrage in France when its president "banned all gatherings of 1,000 people or more". Not long after, Germany "banned all gatherings of two people or more".

Clearly some nationalities are more social than others.

Then there's Thailand, whose monarch's antics produced this headline: "Thai King self-isolates in Alpine hotel with harem of 20 women." Not sure that counts as "isolation."

* * *

Modern life is strange. Yesterday I sneezed so loudly that the whole family froze for about 10 seconds, waiting for the government to send in people in hazmat suits to evacuate the building and blow it up.

* * *

Have you noticed that people who can afford to buy fancy cars almost never know how to park them? The pictured car I saw parked on Braemar Hill Road at the weekend provides evidence. It wasn't exactly in the middle of the road, but not far off.

* * *

The Hong Kong government just launched an online hiking service where you can tap in your favorite walking trail and get a real-time weather forecast for it.

It's pretty cool - it will instantly forecast the likelihood of rain on your specific trek over the next few minutes and hours.

I much prefer our government's pro-exercise stance to the heavy-handed UK system where people who go to the park are sometimes ordered by police to go indoors.

The odd exception is Penfold Park in Sha Tin, which the government closed yesterday.

"Crowded trains, buses and trams, are fine, but walking your dog in a massive open space is not," said reader Semirah Darwin. "Insane."

* * *

Reader Angus Mackillop said he'd been wondering how to practice social distancing and made a suggestion to his wife Jeannie. "Maybe you should eat in the kitchen while I eat in the dining room," he said.

How'd she take it?

"Put it this way," said Angus. "The doctor said the pain will stop when the swellings go down."

* * *

From a reader named Charles: "If you keep a can of beer in each hand, you can't accidentally touch your face."

* * *

Frozen 3, Coronavirus Edition. Princess Elsa has hidden herself away in an ice palace when her sister Anna arrives.

Anna [calling from outside]: "I have come to save you."

Elsa [calling from her window]: "Um. Sorry, sis. You have to send me a Zoom link."

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