Forget the purse, snatch the masks!

Central Station | 6 Feb 2020

Amid an acute shortage brought on by the coronavirus, surgical masks are worth more than money as far as one snatcher is concerned.

A man went on social media to share the experience suffered by his mother, who was robbed of a box of masks - but not her purse.

"My mother was holding a box of masks in one hand and her purse in the other," he said.

Then a snatcher grabbed the masks rather than the purse."

Urging citizens to watch out for the elderly, he pointed to the customary caution about not showing your money, "but now you can't show masks." Some people remarked that the snatcher was truly a lowlife, while one said it was a sign of the time of virus-induced panic that values were changing dramatically, adding: "It's absurd he wasn't going for the purse. Anyway, he's a b*****d for robbing the elderly."

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