Fighting flu with fragrant herbs

Central Station | 21 Jan 2020

The Hospital Authority is teaching people how to make a bag of fragrant herbs to prevent flu as it does not recommend citizens drinking soup or taking Chinese medicine without consulting doctors.

The easy recipe of fragrant herbs - brought wherever you go and placed on your office table or the side of your bed - comprises four Chinese herbs.

It is made up of two portions of cablin patchouli and swordlike atracylodes rhizome, with one portion of tatarinow sweetflag rhizome and cloves.

Oliver Ma Chun-ho, Chinese medicine chief of service of the University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Centre for Training and Research at the Hong Kong Tuberculosis Association, said it is best to put the mixture of ground herbs into a cotton bag and carry it around, as the scent makes a person feel awake and refreshed.

"It can also eradicate viruses and bacteria and help the body adjust its immunity," he said.

Ma said citizens, in particular those with chronic disease, elderly people and children, should make sure they have sufficient rest and avoid spicy and fried food to maintain a healthy body against flu.

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