Festive food items earn safety ticks

Central Station | 14 Jan 2020

People intending to heartily during Lunar New Year festivities have been provided with assurances that some of the most popular items in line to be consumed look good and safe.

Steamed turnip buds, fried dumplings and melon seeds are among items that should be good to eat judging by checks.

In fact, the Environmental Hygiene Department's Centre for Food Safety announced that all 190 samples collected in a pre-Lunar New Year food surveillance program proved satisfactory.

But a center spokesman did remind people to choose food products with natural colors. Bright white pistachios may have been bleached, for instance, while melon seeds with an unnatural gloss could have had mineral oil added.

And festive cakes that are not going to be eaten immediately should be kept refrigerated or stored according to instructions. And if cakes are being reheated the process should be thorough.

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