Little Mermaid vandalized with HK graffiti

Central Station | 14 Jan 2020

Vandals scrawled "Free Hong Kong" on the rock on which sits Copenhagen's most famous landmark, The Little Mermaid - a bronze statue that's especially popular with Chinese tourists to Denmark.

The 107-year-old sculpture by Edvard Eriksen is based on a mermaid becoming a human. It was inspired by 19th-century Danish author Hans Christian Andersen's tale The Little Mermaid and perches on a rock by a waterside promenade. More than one million tourists visit the 1.25-meter-tall statue every year.

But the mermaid has been defaced and damaged several times, twice suffering decapitation. So the scrawl based on the pro-democracy action in Hong Kong is relatively minor compared with what she's suffered at human hands previously.


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