Travelers get better treatment than me

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 29 Nov 2019

Hong Kong civil servant Simon Chan yesterday went to a meeting in South Korea to make preparations for VIP visitors due to pass through both places.

Who is coming?

A rare bird species called the black-faced spoonbill has been spotted repeatedly flying from Australia to North Korea with the same "stopovers"- Hong Kong's Mai Po marshes and Incheon's Songdo Tidal Flat.

I love how an international committee ensures the comfort of wild birds' transit stops but when I have a transit break between flights I spend the night in a plastic chair.

* * *

Reader Billy Chima tells me that the bottle bins in Sai Kung disappeared. It turns out that radicals were getting there before the garbage-disposal men to grab the bottles for petrol bombs.

I guess that counts as recycling.

* * *

A group that includes district councillors (old ones, not recently elected ones) just got back from the mainland.

District councillors are part of a committee which regularly goes to see the amazingly high-tech "giant tap" in Dongguan that supplies drinking water to Hong Kong.

Duties like this will be good for the new councillors, many of whom have no experience of the Glorious Motherland other than the horror-movie images on protest posters.

They'll also learn that mainlanders are human, and that all the politics in the world matter less to our community's survival than that single water tap.

* * *

It's a shame (but perhaps not a surprise) that Donald Trump didn't read the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act before signing it.

Despite the title, it's really about export controls on trade - and will directly harm the US. (Out of all the US's global trading partners, Hong Kong provides the largest bilateral trade surplus.)

Trump's specialty: Load gun, locate foot, aim, fire!

* * *

This week: Pan-dems campaigned to stop Western countries supplying tear gas to Hong Kong.

Also this week: Pan-dems slammed the government for getting tear gas from the mainland.

A reader who works for the police said: "When will they realize that we use tear gas instead of the live bullets favored by police forces elsewhere?"

* * *

What used to be called "Ham Slices" at the U-Select supermarkets is now the more informal "pork butt." Will the "rump steak" be changed to "cow bums"?

* * *

Tomorrow's open day at the Customs College in Tuen Mun has been postponed. Officers planned to give live demonstrations of their activities, but heard rumors that dangerous radicals may turn up in the area.

Surely customs officers should have gone ahead, since arresting people and confiscating weapons is what they do?

"Ladies and gentlemen, please turn to look at the street outside as our officers and dogs demonstrate how they grab passing petrol bombers."

* * *

On Wednesday, readers joked that our university students could go to the mainland to finish their education.

A press release arrived the same afternoon from the ministry of education in Beijing, listing 122 educational institutes that welcome Hong Kong students.

If I had to study outside Hong Kong, I'd choose the Moron University in Argentina, just for the T-shirt.

* * *

News: "Three out of four Hong Kong people have had episodes of depression because of the protests. Talk to your doctor today."

Me: "Dr Chan? You feeling a bit depressed? Wanna talk?"

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