CY in a flap over flag outrage case

Central Station | Michael Shum 7 Nov 2019

Former chief executive Leung Chun-ying is showing his fiercely nationalistic colors again, demanding to know if there are people in the SAR's department of justice who plan an appeal against what he sees as light punishment for a man who ruined a Chinese flag.

Leung was blowing hot on social media after the man received a 200-hour community service order for stamping on a national flag and then throwing it into the sea at Sha Tin on September 22.

The flag is more than just any piece of cloth or paper, Leung seethed. It carries the dignity of a country and people, he added, and mainlanders have been showing a great deal of restraint in this case, anticipating Hong Kong authorities would deal with it properly.

Leung signed off by saying that Hongkongers respect the judiciary, but in this matter of the flag the department of justice will owe the entire Chinese population an explanation if it chooses not to appeal against the sentence.

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