Old man gives young attacker a surprise

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 21 Oct 2019

A fight broke out between a black-masked youth and an old man taking pictures at a Hong Kong protest.

The tall young man sent a flying kick at the 60-something citizen, but the wiry oldster grabbed his foot, and then fought back with his fists. The youngster ran away.

A woman made excuses for the boy. "The old man kicked him first," she told a shocked crowd of onlookers.

But a video playback circulating yesterday showed this to be untrue.

"Waah!" joked Ho Yin-ng. "The old uncle's kick is so fast, it was invisible."

Alan Chiu said: "This must be the legendary 'shadow kick'."

* * *

A black-masked Hong Kong protester filmed a YouTube rant telling the world that he had just been refused entry into Macau. He didn't get much sympathy. "He could try to get to Macau via Zhuhai in China," suggested Maggie Leung.

* * *

Reader Daniel Vukovich loved the idea of peaceful Discovery Bay seceding from the rest of troubled Hong Kong, but thought the place needed a motto. He suggested: "Reclaim DB sovereignty, the passive revolution of our times."

* * *

Police refused to issue a permit for yesterday's Tsim Sha Tsui march because of the huge risk of damage to people and property - and they had more than 100 case studies to prove it. Leaders of the Civil Human Rights Front had a rare attack of honesty and agreed.

But one leader, Figo Chan, broke away from his team members to lead the illegal march yesterday.

One law-respecting Lamma-based protester was unhappy with Figo.

"I think legal marchers should organize a march against illegal marchers," she fumed.

This could run and run.

* * *

The matinee show of the opera Autumn Sonata at the Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui was cancelled yesterday as illegal protesters gathered. Theater staff should have thrown open the doors and got the protesters in. The opera is about inter-generational conflict.

* * *

I worry that people who see the pictured bakery sign may take it literally as a challenge.

* * *

The silent majority is finally speaking up a little bit. I flicked onto the Facebook page of a pro-peace group called Save HK and comments were being added so fast that the items on the screen were shooting upwards, resembling those gambling fruit machines that casinos have.

These guys also want to enlist John Lennon in their service. "We can sing Lennon's Give Peace a Chance," said Au Yeung Po-ping.

* * *

Protest supporter Tim Cheng told me that the moves by Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor to ease the property market may not benefit the right people. "My aunt has flown back in from Australia to make out like a bandit in the property market," he said. "She already has four houses she is flipping."

* * *

"London commuters went bat**** crazy at protestors disrupting our transport systems here," said Lisa Lai Roberts from UK. "Police were literally manhandling and carrying peaceful protestors away."

What a contrast with Hong Kong citizens and police officers who suffer passively.

"Don't mess with London commuters," Lisa laughed.

* * *

A former management executive plans to spend his retirement elsewhere because of the "erosion of freedom" in Hong Kong, I heard from reader TF Liang. "He is going to retire to Guangdong," she said. "The irony."

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