Another enclave makes bid for freedom

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 18 Oct 2019

Peaceful, apolitical Discovery Bay should have independence, readers say - not from mainland China, but from the rest of Hong Kong.

"Discovery Bay should be neutral," said Willie Lau. "It could be the Switzerland of Hong Kong."

The idea was triggered by Wednesday's suggestion from reader Tom Guendert that Hong Kong Island could keep all the branches of Starbucks and become independent of Kowloon, which could specialize in black shirts and bubble tea.

"I think Discovery Bay is our very own Little Singapore right here in Hong Kong," said Anant Deboor.

Mother-of-four Lisa Ip said Discovery Bay had been immune to the city's violence except for the date when supermarkets in Hong Kong shut their doors early.

"When Fusion closed for the day, the residents' main food source dried up," she said. The result was the Discovery Bay version of "madness and mayhem": two hours waiting in polite, civilized queues at Wellcome.

"My husband panicked," she said. "He bought four cans of baked beans."

Oh the excitement!

* * *

The Transport Department is auctioning the car license plate BBBEAUTY tomorrow in Wan Chai. Perfect for a romantic person with a speech impediment.

* * *

Commuters were delighted to hear on Wednesday that the transport subsidy for Hong Kong's MTR and bus system will be raised to HK$400 a month. "Great news," said nightshift worker Mikey Wong. "Now all we need is a functioning MTR and bus system."

* * *

LONDON: Peaceful protests take place for a single week. REACTION: All protests banned throughout the city.

HONG KONG: Violent protests take place week after week, month after month. REACTION: Protests NOT banned.

And yet the Western media paints Hong Kong as the place where the authorities are heavy-handed. Sigh.

* * *

The way protesters keep forcing Hong Kong residents to delete photos of them reminded reader Anthony Perillo of his encountering the same situation in Bangkok. "A man wearing a black mask shoved a 45-caliber gun in my face and threatened to shoot me if I didn't stop taking pictures of him torching a city bus."

At least our intimidators are less scary than their intimidators.

* * *

Reader Kong Wong was interested to note that more than 90 percent of MTR stations have been vandalized but Ap Lei Chau's South Horizons station remains in pristine condition.

This of course has nothing to do with the fact that it's Joshua Wong Chi-fung's local stop.

* * *

Can't decide if the pictured screen menu is a spelling mistake--or a quick dip into existentialist philosophy.

* * *

Christians in Hong Kong yesterday fiercely debated a Catholic school's refusal to expel a student who slashed a police officer's neck.

"Being rude to a teacher will get you expelled," said one critic. "But trying to kill someone won't. What a lesson to teach the young."

The Reverend Stephen Durie said forgiveness was a personal act which did not override a law-abiding society's need for justice: "I think the main person who gets to have an opinion about forgiving the young man is the policeman he tried to kill."

* * *

The government's decision to focus the policy address on property, not politics, was a wise one, according to local friends monitoring the reaction on real estate listing boards.

"In Hong Kong, politics is a minor hobby," said one. "Property is the city's main religion."

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