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Central Station | 15 Oct 2019

The Education University of Hong Kong will confer honorary doctorates on Harold Abelson and Chan Shuk-leung, better known by her stage name Pak Suet-sin in the Cantonese opera industry, on November 22.

Chan, who will be awarded a doctorate in social sciences, is a renowned Cantonese opera star who has devoted her career to preserving, reviving and transforming this part of Hong Kong's cultural heritage.

With Yam Kim-fai in the legendary "Yam-Pak partnership" and Tong Tik-sang, she has transformed a traditional art form from leisurely entertainment for the masses to a sophisticated aesthetic performance, the university said.

Abelson, who will be awarded a doctorate in education, is a pioneer in popularizing computational thinking around the world. He believes students should move beyond mere technology consumption into problem-solving and innovation through learning about computational thinking.

One of his achievements is developing a user-friendly app that makes it easier for students to create their own mobile applications in collaboration with Google.

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