Our cool boffins create invisible air-cons

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 14 Oct 2019

You step into a building on a super-hot day and find it deliciously cool - but there's not a single air-conditioner inside.

How is it done?

Our environment minister Wong Kam-sing had a chance to show off some cool Hong Kong magic at a top-level conference of "greenies" in Denmark at the weekend.

Hong Kong government engineers developed a system that takes ordinary cool seawater, chills it further, and sends it through hidden pipes in buildings.

Result: comfortably cool rooms with no air-cons.

His audience was impressed.

A friend of mine, not so much. "I used an old-tech version of the same idea years ago," said the man, who used to live near Pui O beach in Lantau. "When it got too hot I would stand in the sea up to my neck."

* * *

US senator Ted Cruz slammed an American company called NonLethal Technologies for daring to sell non-lethal crowd control equipment to the authorities in Hong Kong.

He completely forgot to mention that US authorities with crowd-control problems used lethal equipment to kill 996 people last year.

* * *

Among many panicked messages I received from overseas people who have booked holidays in Hong Kong was one from a lady named Bernadette Cruz asking if it was safe to visit Disneyland with her elderly mother and young niece.

Yes. Definitely! Come now!

"If you like Hong Kong Disneyland, but don't like the crowds, this is the time to go," said parent Aaron Presley. "We had less than five minutes wait time for every ride."

It's the bravery bonus.

* * *

"Why is Angry Chicken angry?" asked reader Cecil Leung, referring to the pictured restaurant chain he has seen in Europe and the United States. The chicken is marinated for 24 hours in spices, I'm told, Cecil. That would get anyone hot under the collar.

* * *

With enormous irony, the Hong Kong government's HK$4,000 cash handouts for low-salaried people arrived in letter boxes over recent days - and most of the money went to youngsters. A few, no doubt, will use to them to buy gas masks and petrol bombs. Don't expect thank you letters.

* * *

An offer to pay renovation costs for elderly buildings in Hong Kong has been wildly popular, the government said at the weekend. So they're going to put an extra HK$3 billion into the fund, and lower the definition of "elderly" from 50 years old to 40.

Forty? That means Hopewell Center in Wan Chai is officially old, and even the HSBC HQ will be elderly in just five years.

* * *

UK politicians criticized Hong Kong police for arresting 2,379 people, mostly for violent crimes, in a five-month period.

UK politicians had no complaints at all with UK police arresting 1,300 people, mostly for non-violent crimes, in a five-day period.

Spot the hypocrites.

* * *

BBC journalists yesterday explained to the world that the Hong Kong populace was divided into two camps, anti-Beijing and pro-Beijing.

I'd say the world's population is divided into two camps, one filled with people intelligent enough to know that excessive simplification is dangerously misleading, and the other being BBC journalists.

* * *

I read yesterday that if you eat a lot of spicy food, you can lose your taste. So that's why I have been listening to a lot of Eason Chan lately.

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