Musical mainland ladies, we need you

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 23 Sep 2019

A new enemy was added to the protesters' list: older ladies who enjoy music outdoors.

On Saturday, Tuen Mun protest leader Michael Mo Kwan-tai told the assembled black shirts they were there to protest against "the middle-aged women singing Mandarin songs using amplifiers in public areas of the park."

Some said it was just a legitimate-sounding excuse to march, but it fitted with the chants and graffiti: many protesters are ferociously hostile to mainlanders.

Hmm. I wouldn't pick a fight with those ladies. A colleague once saw a motorist deliberately park in their dancing spot. A group of the women, who are pretty fit, lifted the car and moved it to one side.

Compared to these ladies, police raptors are pussycats. They may be the secret weapon Hong Kong residents need to bring back peace.

* * *

The above-mentioned protest leader, Michael Mo, predicted a turnout of more than 10,000 protesters. Nope.

On the other side, Junius Ho predicted a turnout of 36,000 for his clean-up campaign. Also didn't happen.

Hong Kong people are smart and - stayed away in droves.

* * *

An annual government "Clean-Up Day" was held on Saturday. It was pure coincidence: Hong Kong's sixth annual beach-clearing day. If only the protesters and Junius Ho would do that instead.

* * *

Whoever writes the official police announcements tries really hard to be calm and balanced. The violent battles between protesters and residents on Saturday night was summed up thus: "A number of dispute, assault and fighting incidents arose as people have different views."

* * *

In a rare lifting of censorship, protesters withdrew their umbrellas to allow reporters to film them setting light to the national flag on Saturday afternoon.

But they couldn't light it - they'd accidentally bought a fire-proof flag!

As it became embarrassing, the umbrellas were unfurled to hide the scene.

After that, national flags were stomped on, torn or thrown into the river instead.

* * *

This columnist kept a close eye on the poster wall near his home in North Point. It was torn down by residents and rebuilt by students numerous times.

Who would be the final winner by the end of the weekend?

Answer: neither. By 6pm yesterday, the posters were up - but a day of blazing sunshine faded them to total unreadability, as the picture shows.

Nature wins.

* * *

Uh-oh. Behind the scenes at the MTR, staff say they have almost run out of spare parts for the destroyed equipment - and another batch of ticket machines was ruined yesterday.

"It's so ironic," says a Hongkonger who has a factory in Dongguan. "Our MTR is wrecked, but the exact copy in Shenzhen, built by the same people to the same design, is gleamingly new and works perfectly."

* * *

In other news, persons unknown have requested the creation of a Hong Kong car number plate saying "PONY MA", the Transport Department revealed.

If you want it, bring a lot of cash to the October 5 auction. Pony Ma is the name of the richest man in China. He may outbid you.

* * *

My children tell me that Cheesecake Factory desserts are now available at Hong Kong 7-Elevens. I wonder how the stuff was invented?

Monday: "Hmm, I think I'll put fruit on cheesecake so people think it's a health food."

Tuesday: "But I probably won't fool anyone."

Wednesday: [Achieves billionaire status.]

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