Hongkonger's home is close to Boris HQ

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 20 Sep 2019

A mystery Hong Kong billionaire just bought one of the swankiest apartments in London - and it's just around the corner from 10 Downing Street, headquarters of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Hongkonger paid 10.7 million (about HK$104 million) within 72 hours of seeing the swish penthouse at the Corinthia Hotel, Forbes magazine revealed yesterday.

But Hongkongers are worrying: will his ethnicity be a security issue?

The flat is also next door to the UK Ministry of Defense HQ.

The world's gone mad. Hong Kong people, despite being the most rabid capitalists on the planet, are today seen as evil Chinese communist infiltrators.

(Ask Charles Li Xiaojia of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, who discovered that the hard way just a few days ago.)

* * *

The problem is the Western media's reduction of Hong Kong's population into two camps - a) Fervent Fighters for Western Liberal Democracy, or b) Puppets of Evil Dictators.

Most Hong Kong people don't fit into either camp, so don't exist.

What's happening in Hong Kong "is a battle between democracy and dictatorship," Donald Trump loyalist Michael McCaul declared in Washington on Wednesday.

That quote was forwarded to me by reader Sunita Chau.

She said that if the way Trump runs the US and Johnson runs UK is democracy, then "Hong Kong's dictatorship is looking better every day."

* * *

Another Hong Kong victim of anti-Chinese hysteria is Gladys Liu. She won a seat as a member of parliament in Australia - but the Hong Kong-born woman was reduced to tears after widespread media speculation that she was a communist spy.

None of the abuse would have happened "if Ms Liu was a white, blond-haired blue-eyed Anglo-Celtic woman," sighed former government minister Christopher Pyne.

* * *

In other news, whoever recorded the message running on an endless loop at Hung Hom station yesterday displayed a charming tendency to add the letter "s" to her nouns.

"Staff are handling the situations consider using other transports. We will give you further informations as soon as possibles."

Thank yous, ma'ams.

It made me think of a South Asian friend who had the opposite habit, taking the "s" off every word. At a singalong once, he sang Smoke Get In Your Eye.

* * *

The pictured "incontinence" sign from a US store is a happy reminder that ridiculous signs can be seen in the West as well as the East. (Spotter: Ricky Chiu.)

* * *

At Exchange Square, a friend displayed a block of bank notes and 10 credit cards in an oversized wallet. "I call this my emotional support wallet," he said.

* * *

Commerce secretary Edward Yau Tang-wah attended the Hong Kong creativity show in San Francisco yesterday, but no one made him dance in front of the movement-operated music machine. Cowards!

I once challenged attendees of a charity event to sing a song from The Sound of Music. Organizers were horrified to hear me make a cheeky request at an event attended by top government people.

But the table which included then Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen sprang to its feet and sang Do-Re-Mi very tunefully, complete with harmonies.

* * *

The next time someone robs a ParknShop, I can see this happening:

Robber: "Put all the money in the bag."

Cashier: "Fifty cent extra for the bag."

Robber: "Geez, let me see if I have change." [Starts searching pockets.]

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