Shanghai Disney swallows outside food ban

Central Station | 12 Sep 2019

Shanghai Disneyland will be the only Disney theme park in Asia to allow visitors to bring in their own food, but there are restrictions as durians, whole watermelons, instant noodles and stinky tofu won't be allowed.

Food that needs to be heated or reheated, processed, refrigerated or kept at specific temperatures won't be permitted, while pungent smelling items are also prohibited.

The change in policy comes after a Chinese law student sued Disney in March over the ban of outside food at the park.

After being heavily criticized online, the park decided to listen to the feedback from visitors.

Disneyland in California and the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida allowed outside food to be brought in before the Shanghai park relaxed its stance.

While the policy has been changed at the theme park in the mainland, the two other Disneylands in Asia - in Hong Kong and Tokyo - will maintain their ban on outside food.

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