Feeling the full weight of the law

Central Station | Central Station 10 Sep 2019

Hong Kong's elite police force seems to be short-handed as a "fat cop" was deployed to the frontline to tackle protesters.

In a photo captured by the media, a policeman with a protruding chest and big tummy in a tight-fitting grey shirt and a black police vest was seen at the site of a protest in Prince Edward.

His lower face was covered, but it was clearly visible that he had a round face and chubby cheeks.

Police officers must pass a physical fitness test during the recruitment process, including an 800-meter run to test aerobic and anaerobic power, four 10 meter shuttle runs for agility, vertical jumps for leg power and a hand-grip strength test.

On the police recruitment site, it says: "Applicants are advised to carry out regular and appropriate training according to individual physical status at least three months before the actual physical fitness test."

After passing the test, constables and inspectors will go through 27 and 36 weeks of training, respectively, including foot drills and physical training at the Hong Kong Police College before they are deemed qualified for their positions.

However, it is unknown whether police officers have to undergo regular fitness tests to review their physical condition after they graduate from the college.

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