Escapee pauses for a food break at mall

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 12 Jun 2019

A man catching fish on Siu Sai Wan promenade was accosted, drugged and robbed by armed men, this newspaper revealed on Monday.

"After spitting out the pills and untying himself, he then went to a mall to buy dinner," the report said.

Only in Hong Kong: food at the mall first.

He did eventually go and tell the police, but one has to get one's priorities right, right?

* * *

Ping An, the Chinese insurer turned tech giant, announced a big budget online medical consultancy app this week. For a small fee, you can consult doctors through your phone. My gut feeling is that this will be a hit. By coincidence, also this week, a reader spotted the pictured sign in his doctor's office.

* * *

A company named Splendid Success (HK) this week issued an announcement that it would cease to exist. Presumably Splendid Success hasn't been one.

* * *

A strange, nameless bank vault has appeared between shops in tiny, narrow Gough Street in Sheung Wan, I heard from a puzzled reader. "There's no signage or products - just a large metal room with floor-to-ceiling steel drawers on all sides," she said.

My sources tell me it's Harmay, a cosmetics shop which is so ultra-trendy that no one is allowed to know what it is or what it sells.

Apparently this is considered a good retail technique now.

* * *

The more politicized among SAR bus drivers were yesterday thrilled to be told they have an important role taking protesters to demonstrate against the extradition bill due to be read today in the Legislative Council - and promptly decided to join in the protest by doing a "go slow" campaign.

Think, guys.

* * *

Poor Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah. While protesters were gearing up to denounce the fugitive law amendment last weekend, the secretary of justice was at an international criminal law conference in Hong Kong - at which speaker after speaker talked about the vital need to work together as cross-border crime soars.

"I'm surprised she didn't storm out and drag people inside and say: 'Listen to this, punks,'" said my source.

* * *

Hong Kong's environment was another sad casualty of Sunday's march. A full-scale War on Plastic was launched that day but the media ignored it.

At a Plastic Free Fun Fair at Tai Kwun, Central, 50 government eateries and more than 630 public restaurants made a solemn pledge to stop offering disposable tableware and phase out single-use plastic.

Meanwhile at the march, every bin overflowed with single-use plastic bottles.

* * *

Following several food poisoning cases in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Centre for Health Protection issued advice to the public: "Do not try to use salt, vinegar, wine and wasabi to kill bacteria."

Apparently local bacteria has evolved to like that stuff as much as the rest of us do.

What doesn't kill them makes them stronger.

* * *

Over the water, Chinese-American businessman Andrew Yang is gaining fans in his race to become the next US president, I heard yesterday from a fan of his.

His face seem familiar? Yang was in Hong Kong last year, promoting his book The War On Normal People.

But is the human race ready for a world in which both east and west are dominated by Chinese people?

"No choice, it's going to happen," the fan said, laughing.

Actually, he's probably right.

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