Doll fans take a stand for non-white skin

Central Station | 5 Jun 2019

The doll people are coming. Asia's underground community of doll collectors is meeting at the Dollism Plus convention to be held at Kowloon Bay's KITEC on Saturday.

They ain't swapping your standard Barbie dolls. Most have the big eyes of anime characters and moptops of K-pop stars.

As shown in the picture, a company called Little Monica Ball Joint Dolls gives buyers two skin color options: "normal" or "white!"

This must be Asia's revenge for all those decades in which the default skin color of all dolls was white.

Buyers who choose girl dolls have to select "big bust" or "small bust." There's no "normal" option.

* * *

The US visa department is now demanding your Facebook details. Suddenly I see the wisdom of friends such as Hong Kong mother-of-four Lisa Ip, who fills her channel with endless pictures of her adorable children.

* * *

Most people are missing the real reason for proposed extradition law changes in Hong Kong, a financier told me.

A furious Xi Jinping is trying to halt a boom in the number of corrupt rich citizens taking cash out of China and stashing it in Hong Kong, causing property prices to wobble around, defying gravity and logic.

Another clue people are missing is the fact that two Hong Kong laws are being amended at the same time. The first concerns mainland criminals in Hong Kong and the second is the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance - which is all about recovering stolen assets across borders.

The changes are about mainland issues, not Hong Kong activists, he said.

* * *

This rainy, cloudy month, life is strange at the world's tallest bar - Ozone, on the 118th floor of the ICC skyscraper in Kowloon West.

Much of the time it is literally inside a cloud, with no view. But it's pleasant to sit in its open-air section, misty with cloud vapor.

The bar's top cocktail is Hong Kong Skyline (HK$340), served in a lavender-flavored cloud of its own, held in place by a glass cover.

We live in a sci-fi novel.

* * *

A Los Angeles group of movie fanatics called BeyondFest voted to choose old films worth reviving on the big screen - and the Hong Kong movie Hardboiled came on top, it was revealed yesterday. Remember when we used to make good movies?

* * *

Hong Kong's fanatical Apple "fanboys" celebrated yesterday's news that the iPhone will soon be able to handle Cantonese.

"It's nice that Apple recognizes the importance of our language," one told me.

Actually, Cantonese is being added as part of a batch of obscure languages such as Bodo and Dogri (no, I hadn't heard of them either.)

Anyway, it's still good. Doh tseh, Cook sin-saang.

* * *

The Hong Kong government yesterday canceled a meeting of "The Legislative Council Subcommittee On Three Pieces of Subsidiary Legislation Relating To The Commencement Of The New Statutory Regulatory Regime For Insurance Intermediaries Gazetted On 17 May 2019."

We have a new frontrunner for the Ridiculously Long Name award.

* * *

Many Hong Kong schools have absurdly lengthy names. In Kwai Chung you find "The Hong Kong Sze Yap Commercial and Industrial Association Chan Nam Chong Memorial College." Kids there shouldn't need to pass exams - just spell the school name.

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