Professor faces bad break for real

Central Station | 18 Apr 2019

A 61-year-old Japanese pharmacology professor could face 10 years in prison for getting students to produce ecstasy - an echo of TV hit series Breaking Bad.

The Matsuyama University don in western Japan had students make MDMA - ecstasy - in 2013 and another so-called "designer drug" - 5F-QUPIC - last year.

He told police he was furthering the education of students. The products have not been found,

Synthetic MDMA acts as a stimulant and hallucinogen and is the main ingredient in ecstasy.

As for 5F-QUPIC, it is a cannabis-like drug banned in Japan in 2014 as it was suspected of causing traffic accidents.

In Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston plays a former chemistry teacher with lung cancer who makes crystal meth to pay for his treatment - helped by a former student, played by Aaron Paul.

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