HKU law head over moon on space nation

Central Station | 27 Jun 2018

The first head of a "space nation" was installed this week, and bestowing a somber vestige of constitutionality on the occasion was University of Hong Kong law department head Zhao Yun.

Zhao, head of the supreme court of the utopian space nation of Asgardia, also put the chain of office around the neck of Igor Ashurbeyli.

That came in a lavish ceremony in Vienna on Monday, with 200 people witnessing the inauguration of Russian scientist and businessman Ashurbeyli as the first "head of nation" of Asgardia, named after a realm in Norse mythology.

Ashurbeyli has been the driving force behind the concept, announcing the creation of Asgardia two years ago. Asgardia's citizens now number some 200,000 across the world, drawn by a vision of "space politics" over geopolitics.

The aim is to get the "most creative" people - which Ashurbeyli estimates at roughly 2 percent of the human race, or some 150 million people - to sign up.

Space is the only arena left to humanity to escape environmental degradation and a ceaseless arms race, according to Ashurbeyli.

He claims he can build on his own scientific experience to enable permanent human settlements on the moon within 25 years.

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