Lawmaker cuts United out

Central Station | 13 Apr 2017

Apparently aiming to demonstrate how to keep a powerful online message simple, information technology sector legislator Charles Mok, pictured, presented a video that made a big show of severing links with United Airlines with a card-cutting routine.

The video Mok put on Facebook did not have any narration or accompanying captions. But it's clearly related to the shocking, now familiar incident of a male Asian passenger being dragged from a United aircraft on Sunday.

And there was a blue United Mileage Plus card, with the name Mok on it, being cut in half with scissors.

Talking about his production effort, Mok said it showed how to express dissatisfaction with the airline.

"A costumer was forcibly removed from a flight he had paid for," Mok said. "No one should be treated this way."

And Mok said it's unlikely he'll fly with United again as he was "put off" by the incident.

He also said it had nothing to do with ethnicity as non-Asians would be boycotting the airline. But some people who watched the video wonder whether they saw something of a flight of fancy.

For it was remarked upon that the membership card suffering at the hands working the scissors carried United's old logo, so was the Mok card still valid was the question.

Sniped one: "No wonder he cut it! It's just a useless piece of plastic!"

Another suggested the lawmaker legislator severed his mainland travel permit.

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