Feared market turmoil can still escalate with Trump

Business | 8 May 2017

It was discussed earlier that the North Korea issue temporarily will not bring any turmoil for the global financial markets.

North Korea did not carry out a nuclear test and at the same time the United States also has not attacked North Korea, while China is still the one who has the initiative to solve the problem.

During his campaign Trump made a lot of promises which so far mostly can't be carried out smoothly.

China also is having communication with Washington because of Trump's tough foreign policy, which helped US obtain a lot of benefits. And also because of that, Trump can continue to fulfill his potential in diplomacy.

So although we believe that within the next six months, North Korea will not become a concern for financial markets, we need to pay see that once Trump is ready or has more chips at hand, the global geopolitical risk can escalate to become a crisis.

Andrew Wong Wai-hong is an independent commentator.

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